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Item IDegyptian 1943 1210vol 25 #10.tif
Descriptionissue of democracy
Original Publication SourceDaily Egyptian
Date1943 December 10
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CollectionDaily Egyptian Diversity News Archive (Southern Illinois University Carbondale)


There is one great mistake that is being made in our democratic form of government and that mistake is this: we do not "practice what we preach." Everyday we bear statements over the radio about our democracy and how we are going to show Hitler and Tojo that the democratic form of government is the best form. we cannot, however'. show them a democratic country unless we Put into practice the theory and beliefs that. we have about. Just as tile saying goes. "Charity begins at home, " so should ‘‘Democracy begin at home."
instead of thinking of methods night. to teach the Germans and their Allies a bout democracy. it would be better to start with the people in the United States, better still with the people in this very city. There are a number of things to begin with. Fer instance, there is the school system.
In the white high school we find more teachers and more subjects than in the Negro high school. For quite a number of years the white high schools have had such courses as biology. Spanish, French. Cf the hiltsiileSS itace we IIIId Xeshorthand. typing and jotii'nahi'iii glo em jdoycs: I hey :11 C employed hut not until this year did the as janitors. Xt ‘etatise that is Negro school get alt addition of all that they are cutting( üi two o the subjects——biology and jug. but bse they ale itot giVeII Spanish. \Ve gladly give money a chatice t ptoe that they. too. to help the Chinese people get a have tile tiiiihtv io be clerks.
better (‘dilcation but let tilt Nc.imo V' hid w hi im ilool anti students do tile best 1)1ev cull: ccc' stiith1its clit, lo 'ed s cicuks they ale denied the rights to an Ill the dlv stores. but v:o do hot education equal to that Ot a white 1hz \e"t'() bjh gt•hoiml 01' (Oil high stliool student Negro stii- studcitt chip1: yeti tsl(' lerk. It dents cannot attefld the white high is tict hecatise they (1(1 iIu know sehols here and take courses like how oi havt ii ability to be ti shorthand and typing iluring the cleik Hit because such a thing regtl lai tCI'IItS. No. lila t would would hI' toll tid only in a democia' never do. \Ve would never allow. \v1mer( people practice what that—it is too much hike right. tht• preach about being deliiOci'ttt T hat. would I te putt illit OU I' demo
(‘I'uhic preaching into practice. TI preamble to tile t0lltltUt10fl Now let us look at another SIt' 01 the nhed States begins, as we
Uation. We go to the theaters kno \V. we the p OPle of the I flit - and SOt pictures ill which the id States. iii rider to tUrin a hOle treatment of the Jews and cther ‘)‘rlect union. esi.a.l, lisli.1 t'STICK , iationahi tiCs lii Germa IIy is shown... love. iiomior, LI 11(1 cllCI'ih We hulk thitit it is more 1111111 a the pi'eamnl, h to the comustiltition:
clinic for people to 1W treated tin We often !‘ej)eflt ii. YCI III tills city. Way IIQy are in Oerniany. \Ve as cchl us in many others in Ainerboo'' Hitler and theem' the Unit- ion, we fail to do the lust tiung ed States because her slate is that is stated in tlte pt'eanible—— cleat:. Yes, the United States E flLISI-l JUSTI('F.
correct in all that she does. It is. W'e should pi-actice what we.50 ntost of tile people of t III s city pm•'ahi I (Ion y anti not put off for and in any ot Ii er s seem to t 11 ill k 1011101' lOW W ht t V t? L' till do today i'ight [or the members of time Negro to establish justice and thus make race to be forced to sit behind ti one. move foiwI id tov aid a demo- i-all in the balcony of the theaters. cratic country.
H he m'efuses to sit behind the rail. __________________— lie is ojy his money back and
told to leave although there may he rows and lows of vacant seats on the first floor or in tm-out of the! mail in the balcony. If tile couchlions were reversed, wonder if the mneimil, ers of the white race would still be as willing to give
ct fOr victory' for RACE IN THE WAR
Believe it or By ROBERT CHASE
bai'asslng to go Into a I es taUI lflt -
take a Seat in One 01' tile booths There ate S00, 000 Negro troops
or at the counter. oi'der a plate in the ai'nled foi'ces today, the lunch or what-haVe'yoil and have greatest number in American his- tile waiter 0! waitress look at you tory.
as though you were out of your A total of , 000 Negro seamen mind, then finally tell You. ml ale sailing U. S. Liberty ships in sorry, but we don't serve Negroes the seven tcas.
here. You may take it oUt it You Colored aimny officers now total like.' 4, 000.
When you ask why YOU catiliot Twelve oUt 01' every 100 Negro be served there excuses about 1(111 di'aftees between IS anti 0 are rebig tile. trade are made. Unless jected for education deficiency YOU are a member ot the Nei teuiipal-ed to one Out of every 100 race you do not have to whites
about being able to spend ‘rho rejection i'ate for Negro money for tood at the (.1 N clm'aftees because of bad health Is tam-ants because It IS only te e
grOes that are not served. Imag- 45 pci cent.
Inc this type of tIming going OH in Seventy-five per cent ot all NC- one of men ca's democi'atiC cities. gro selectees COnIC from the Son th.
it is a known tact tilat thc Time first Anuei'iean killed in person is a Negro who is regi sti'- I he aimored forces ill World Vai' ing al. the desk rJ one of tile city II was a Negro—Robert H. Brooks. hot€As for as siioi't a tulle as 0110 (N.D.R.B. I
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