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Egyptian19700109Black; Egyptian19700109Black.tif
Egyptian19700109Black; Egyptian19700109Black.tif
TitleEgyptian19700109Black; Egyptian19700109Black.tif
Original Publication SourceDaily Egyptian
Digital File FormatTIF (Tagged Image Format)
Digital File PublisherSpecial Collections Research Center, Morris Library, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
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CollectionDaily Egyptian Diversity News Archive (Southern Illinois University Carbondale)
TranscriptBlacks have been affected by past decade
1 Dkfc Orwaarr
Tbere UaodoaKibaablecka bare made physical
propeoa Aula, tbe past decade. Out a more
iieprmanr caoaldaraikn la trying to determine
the aaood and action of theaeveatlce lathe anewer
to [be qucatloni what baa tbe paar decade done
io falacka mentally? Whet la tbe artirude In
roe black cooiauaaJij aa [be aew dread, bcglna?
Tbe treat event of foe 1930a which began to
■onaiataaa a black attlfede of crpeciailon waa
the Supreme Conn declalon on public reboot
awawgrigaaina Phraaea like "delibaraie epecd"
twill.ait a poettlve change la tbe poetare of
government, a chwaea; which might be reflected
M caa mentality of the aocicty at large.
So the 1940a began with the election ol Jobs.
That election ksclf waa a tanner
tcrrthf* dlaap
> proceaa, th.
yoaof leader i
at young lead* rahtp, a young. _
alao w be Human Catholic. Such a national
acUaas at ibe very dawn o( tbe decade, even though
[fee alaetural msrgL-i waa allm. gave black (otka
baa farther Indication thai aomcthlng really
poaitlve might Happen.
Bet (fee bubble of eapeaaslon waa burst a third
of che way ihrwigh the alale., when the new
yevag leader waa aaaeeelnaied. Pending civil
rtgata IrglalMloo bad Ml yet been validated.
The pace of movement toward fall aaw) real
lawalaiaaagaataa tat the l<n* Supreme Ccam
aerialT bad hewn ever ao alow. The ra-inter
Bf procaine waa a attacking reminder rfeai re-
■aetaace la nor eaaUr altatlaated.
Tew lata flBIca and early slulee npivj.wuw.ed
[be Utancy stage ol Hack ea.auataaa. ft...
.. tbowgb I were a - -
for no apparent reason. ] am terribly disappointed,
but aadly and tragically 1 reach a new level of
maturity. Ihavefaccdcnjcltydlrcctly and develop
an attitude which jovem. my reaction In future
confrontation a.
Aa the 1960a progrcaacd, black folka comlmied
in urugglo and grow. Punhorpromlacaappearcd
In Ibe farm of Installment, or civil righta leeja-
latlon. Qlacka puahed for Implementation of
pronilaa, ai they matured Into the adolescent
atagc nt the tfrugglc lor Irccdon, and ware
greeted wttbgreateract. of cruelly. OpeaatniKglc
took the form ol arcet demonstrations, uaually
peacefully oriented, and violent resistance Intcn-
lined. ' Doga, lire hoaea and tear iaa were
used to dlacourage demon a rat ora. Black, and
white aympathUcra were killed during open
struggle or during dark and allnst momenta
of night ralda.
Ceorgr Wallace emerged aa a national aymbol
or Intenalfled reHatancr to tbe black struggle.
Cburcbea were blown up and llrtle black children
became innocent, slaughtered while teaming
their Sunday School leaaona.
So the alitlea repreaented
the adolcaccnt ataga of black cipcctstkn. No
longer coeld the image of burning a balloon
be need to deeerOw Intenained realaaance. Ii
waa aa though a man took a brick and threw
Ii, breaking nay atalned-glaaB window. Something
I have long treasured and adiatred baa been
destroyed. Tbe mid-and-lare atitlee aa* daa
dctf rwctloa of tboae promise, end persons black
(oik. had treasured and admired nroat.
decode begins carrtea ihe maturity of Mack e%-
peclMlon a aacp further. Tbe barat balloon
uiiraaWMed tbe deflation of the promiae of my
tadlvldaal - -
I rtgata. Tbe breaking of any Mai
tboae 1 admired and trcaeurcd, though I waa
not personally and Individually destroyed. The
black attitude ror (he 1970a la formulated by
mora personal and Individual feellnga. For the
firct time la hlatory, the word "genocide" la
receiving wide utterance In tbe black community.
It began aa a wblaper in tbe
with ibe murder of Dr. Manto Luther Kin*,
undeniably the moat widely revered black man
In America. And It la becoming more and mora
audible aa a large number of Dlack Panthera
acroaa the nation' are killed by police, one of
them while lying asleep In hla own bed, Wlib
the recognition that black, are ibe Intended
vlctlma of a planned program or genocide In
thla nation, a new Image la required to rep-
reaent thla final extreme of intenelflrd re-
alMance to the atruggle ror black liberation,
Thla lateei stage ol black cancel.ton la beat
repreaented by a man taking a knife and ripping
up my miatcrplece. Thla man who haa been
attacking mr all my life— Iron the cradle to
■be grave—baa now done about all that be can
do. lie baa buret my balloon, broken my Malncd-
g)aaa window, and now acarred my maaterptece.
Hla laat act ebowa me clearly inn be latrnde
to deauoy ma perwonally, for eacb individual
peraon I. a maaterpjece. Before, ibe man waa
only breaking what I treasured. Now be la after
The.tirade of the Mack community print '"■•
Ike aevcntlc. reflect, a feeling of person j| urgency aa never before in hlatory, Erciy ptrmi
bora la a mmrrpiecr. And every per*.ei in
every ethnic graap aboold rrcogalrr b>eh (hem.
aelvea and rfeetr people aa a wiHrrplne. fbe
Mack community now rrjli.v. Ibal there I. j
cruel and evil force In ifcU.-iin oaf ermined
to dratroy their ruKfrruw. aJ iV w.rJ
"gram: bar'' rxlsnea livJ, -r and i, (.vr,
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