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CollectionDaily Egyptian Diversity News Archive (Southern Illinois University Carbondale)
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A ptogxaw of tutorial rr- Tfcea tor educddonalljr dls- adroRtdged Audems wlU be ofiferctf fn tbe wprtog quarter by the Black-American Stu¬ dies Pn7Krani according h Richard fiayei of tbe General Soidleis ofDce,
Tbe program U prlmarfly deai^ied lor black tiouiet&a. but will be made available co other acudentff*
According to Hajrea. the iu- [nrlaJ program Is designed tor gtudents whose hi|^ sc, ^ool background haa left them In- ade ^^cly prepared to com' pete In some Unlveralty cour¬ ts. Although all entering stu- dentH are required tu rank Ln the upper half of high school ^raduMlng clattsea. the dla- parlitcB among high BchooU render thtB an ineffeciivo way of gauging a BtudenE'a prepar¬ ation ror college work.
"There Ift no way ro ac¬ curately compare a kid from ihe upper onc-thlrd o( a pre¬ dominantly black school m a gheno area with a kid from the upper one-third ac Forest Cart, " Hayc* said,
"There is an estprcsacd need for tutorial services which Ftudents hiven't been able to_f!nd anywhere else." nald Hayes. Other dtpart- mcnis have offered help ees- [ilonSt but in some caacB the Individual doinit the tutoring doesn't show up, or the bvs- fllona arc sa large that tf a jifudcnt h4fl a particular pro- blenip It Isn't likely to be covered/'
Sessions of the Black Amer* lean Studies tutorial program will include no more thwi 10, and preferably only hIx^ Etu- denw per tutor, Hayes aald.
flayefl added that b^tnnlng bljck students have a pa.r- tlcular'problem Jf they have not had experience in relating to white staff members.
''There Is dccrralnsenseof
Sllcnallon thatsOmeblackstu- dcntB bring to thr campiB, " he said, "The filudent^
been uniibic to communicate
¦ifllh wniiD staff and faculty
H^ye^ expresned the hope that evcntu^tty this problem would be eliminated aitd the tutorial services ccwld be t^kcn over by the CounselLng and Tenting Service and mher university services,
*'The Counseling and Teat- injt Service Is interested in preparing a program for edu- cailonatly dtaadvantaged
Rreshmch, said Hayea. "^e bopo that our program will be
of some us to iSwtn.
"We bofw that our succesa during (j^ Bsurlng quaner widwia fuoda Im* pilcackMa vUl demofistrate that sucb a prograjD can be iuccessftil and tbat wecanuse tbe succeAB as a point in seek¬ ing fuiKis/'
The tutorial program will be geared prlis^rlly to those General Studies courses which are known by Students and faculty to be flunk-out cour- BtfO.* The aim of the pzo- graoi is to reduce the drop and flunk-out rate of black au- ^fiOtB from poor high Bchaol backgrounds*
perficns Jnterestod In ser¬ ving 2S tutoTB may ccntacc the BlAck American Studies Office In the Old Bapclflt Foun¬ dation LjJldlng, StudenCfi who Indicate aproflciency in a par¬ ticular cour^ie m^y serve re¬ gardless o( their QveraJl grade point average.
Students who Beck tutorial help are required to regtBter In the Black American Studies office, givlnii name, record number, addresa^ phone num¬ ber, and courses In which as¬ sistance la needed. Hayes said he hoped that students
*^ ^"^ticipate some dUtlculty In a course will begin the tutorial program at the be¬ ginning of the quarter in^te^d of waiting until a definite need arises.
The courses to be covercKl initially will Include the A and n pans of CSA 101, 110, 20]
and 21D; CSB lOLO and C;
CSB 102A and B; GSC 102 and 103: CSD lOi, 102Md 103; CSD Math; Math UlA awIB: and foreign languages.
**My main advice to black students In combating che sys¬ tem Is IO Icam all about the system and chn get Into It/" Hayes said. The tutorial prcH- gram wtll allow more black students to get Into the sys¬ tem at the profcssiwial level. " Concerning the Black American Studies Prrigranip Hayes said, "We are very proud of what has been hap* pcning go far. We have been working failhftilly with the heada^ of various departments to create It, Imt until they were sensitized to what we were Irj^lng to do, there was no progress."
Hayes said It ts hoped that a minor in Black American Studies can be offered by the winter quaner of 1^70, and that by the fall of 1971 A bachelor*B degree will be of- ' ferr*d.
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