Knox College Struggle and Progress-African Americans in Knox County, Illinois (Knox College)
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George Flowers
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TitleGeorge Flowers
DescriptionRev. Lucius Moffett of the Israel of God's Church, White Horse Army presents the story of the founder of his church, George Flowers, in which God revealed Himself to George Flowers. Rev. Moffett presided over this church in Galesburg, Illinois for some time in the early 20th century.
Named PersonFlowers, George;
CreatorMoffett, Rev. Lucius;
Time Period1930s
IdentifierJ. Howell Atwood Manuscript Collection (box 3)
CollectionStruggle and Progress-African Americans in Knox County, Illinois (Knox College)
Date Digital2012-11-15
TranscriptGalesburg, Ill.
618 W. Knox
Rev. L. Moffett
I, do hereby give definite information concerning the Israel of
God's Church", the White Horse Army" to the best of my ability.
Which isthe revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him,
and he brought and signified it unto the Apostle George Flowers
who was of African descent. He was born in Fort Valley, Ga.,
Feb. 12, 1854. Born a slave, he was set free by the power of
the "Omniscent." Yet it has been said that Abraham Lincoln
set his people free and in freeing them he was set free also.
But if history is true, Mr. Lincoln was working to reserve the
union. And as the prophet has said Psalms 68, 31st verse,
"Princes shall come of Egypt; Ethopia shall soon stretch out her
hands unto God." Now blessed is he that readeth and they that
keep the words of this prophecy, for the time is at hand.
Apostle George was sent to the whole world, as saith the prophet
Isaiah. He said Isaiah 18th chapter. "All ye inhabitants of the
world and dwellers on the earth, see ye when he lifts his ensign
on the mountain, when he bloweth his trumpet hear ye. This,
Apostle George said." In the year of 1887 on the 16th night of
January, he was caught up to the 3rd heaven in a vision and
he got a clear view on the inside of the city, which is New
Jerusalem. He saw Angels ascending and descending, in the like
manner that St. John saw them 1900 years ago. They had on
their heads crownsof gold and had long snowy white wings, and
long white robes, that fit from their shoulders to their feet,
They had harps in their hands and were ascending and descend­
ing making beautiful music. He could not understand the hymn,
because St. John said, "Norman could learn that song." Apostle
George fell on his knees to see if he could see the sky, but he
failed to see the sky, because it was lined and covered with
angels. He said, "What a beautiful city with no buildings.
It was laid off in squares and paved with gold. Apostle George
looked in the east part ofthe city and saw a throne set and
"He" that set on the throne was to look upon as a jasper
and sardine stone and He that set on the throne shone just
above the brightness." Around about the throne was four and
twenty seats and upon the seats he saw four and twenty elders,
clothed in white raiment. And he saw when they arose and fell
on their faces with mutterings of voice like peals of thunder.
He could not understand what they said. Aroundthe throne
in the midst of the four beasts, he saw a young man rise up and
take a book out of the right hand of him that sat on the throne.
And when he had taken the book, the four beasts cast down their
crowns crying "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty. And the
young mand [series of crossed out characters]
that had the book, came to the west gate and
asked Apostle George, "Do you want to come in?" He answered
"I do, " but the young man said. "You cannot come in now, for
I have a work, that I want you to do." And immediately the
gate was opened and the young man walked outside of the gate, and
the four beasts walked out behindhim. They were in the likeness
of human beings. They laid the hands ofPresbyterian on Apostle's
head. The beasts pOinted eastward, northward, and southward,
Apostle looked up and apparently saw fout crowns of gold.

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The young man opened the pure golden bible, before his eyes and
Apostle looked on letters of gold. The young man hoist his
right hand unto heaven with the bible opened in his left saying
to Apostle "Take this book. Mount ye the milk white steed and go
ye there fore into all the city and preach the gospel toevery
creature. He that believe you , shall be saved and he that
believe you not shall be damned. Every house that you go to
you will find the dead lying in the door but preach over the dead
to the living for just on the other side of the dead is the
living and check not the rein for the more you preach the
faster the horse will run." When the Apostle George had this
vision he was affliated with the Baptist Church which is a
denominational church. He notified the officials of that church
that he was called to preach and they made preparation for him
to get license to become a baptist preacher. And when they got
everything ready for him (which was the year of 1888) they sent
four baptist deacons to his house to notify him that they had
everything" cut and dried and ready to railroad him through"
(as saith the baptist deacon). It was almost supper time and
he ate in haste because he knew he was called to preach. After
supper they left in haste for the church. When they arrived at
the corner of Wood and Fulton street in Chicago Ill. (which
city he was living in at the time ofthis vision) and while on
their way that night to the Providence Baptist Church, God
Almighty spoke to him in words with a sound that could be heard
and said to him, "My church is not named baptist or Methodist
or Presbyterian nor Congregational nor Catholic nor nothing
they have got named. Then Apostle said, "Oh Lord God What is
the name ofthy church, if it isn't named Baptist? Apostle said
it made the hair stand on hishead for astonishment. He
thought if any church in the world was right it was the baptist
church. God answered him and said "My church isthe Israe of
God and that means every new creature in heart and as many
as walk according to this rule and read the bible see if you
don't find it there, and Apostle said he went back, and put in
six more months reading, and he found the Israel of God, from
Genesis to the book of the Revelation. (I, Rev. Moffett know
that thisis true, beyond a doubt or a shadow of doubt. )
I, myself have read the bible from Genesis to the book of
Revelation and I can find nothing but the Israel of God, and
I am willing to prove before any one or any body of people that
this is true, and since the Apostle started his work, there has
been twelve churches established. The Israel of Gods Church
does not sell or buy or sell "tags" or any other of its kind to
support the church. We pay tithes give free-will offering ad
and pay saint fund. We relivened our sick and afflicted and
bury our dead. We give no divorces or entangle ourselves in
politics. We have no race prejudice. One Lord, One Faith,
o e Baptism. We believe in one united church, irrespted of
color or nation. And to be right with God, All nations must
join that church. As says the book of Isaiah 2nd chap. 2nd
and 3rd verse.
Physical Description2 typed sheets, 8.5 x 11 in.
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