Knox College Struggle and Progress-African Americans in Knox County, Illinois (Knox College)
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A Big Foot Item
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TitleA Big Foot Item
DescriptionSomewhat humorous piece in the Galesburg Republican newspaper from July 30, 1870 about a man with large feet and the reactions they provoked one day.
Subject (LCSH)Galesburg (Ill.) - Newspapers
AuthorGalesburg Republican
Time Period1870s
Date Created (original)July 30, 1870
IdentifierMicroforms Cabinets
RightsThis item is out-of-copyright.
CollectionStruggle and Progress-African Americans in Knox County, Illinois (Knox College)
Date Digital2012-08-22
TranscriptA BIG FOOT ITEM.--Geographically
the difference between the north and
south is apparent to all ; financialy, the
difference is not so well known, but still
a difference exists. In fashions, customs
and habits, generally, there is also a dif-
ference. It is hardly necessary for us to
attempt to give a minute description of
the differences. Late yesterday after-
noon, our attention was called to the sub-
ject of difference, by a conversation we
overheard between a number of colored
men. This conversation was brought
about in this way: A great big, over-
grown colored individual was passing up
Main street at a loose, shuffling gait. His
feet, considerably above the average size,
were encased in the original material
furnished by nature. As they were not
bound by anything else, like the head of
a viper, they spread out to full size. A
number of white urchins were lazily
standing in front of a grocery store, at
the time, enjoying the shade offered by
the awning there, and chanced to see the
negro's feet. It was not the fault of the
boys that they saw them, but the size of
the feet that made them so noticeable.
Two of the little fellows made some funny
remark about the pedal extremities, and
all laughed heartily at the idea of such
great pieces of flesh being turned out.
Two colored men chanced to be sunning
themselves in the same vicinity, and
overheard all that was said. One of
them turned to the other and remarked
in a tone that indicated he was not well
pleased with what he had heard: "Dat's
jest de way wid de people in de norf.
Dey manes fun ob peoples, but don't make
no 'lowances. In de souf, now, a man
kin go bar footed, and nuffin will be said
'bout it, but you jes turn youah feet out
heah, and everpbody is suah to laff or
say something 'bout 'em. Dat's jes de
difference ; I jes wish I was down souf."
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