Knox College Struggle and Progress-African Americans in Knox County, Illinois (Knox College)
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Doctors, nurses and clubs notes
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TitleDoctors, nurses and clubs notes
DescriptionPages of notes in the collection of Knox College Professor of Sociology, J. Howell Atwood. These notes, which are not in Atwood's hand, refer to individual doctors, nurses and other "outstanding people" in the African American community in Galesburg, Illinois. The notes also detail membership and history of several clubs and organizations. Atwood conducted extensive research from 1930-1960 about the Galesburg African American community.
Subject (LCSH)Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
Named PersonCrew, Mollie; Easley, J.W.; Wilkins, Frank; Berry, Joe; Wells, Mr. & Mrs.; Britton, John; Fletcher, George G.; Solomon, F.D.; Fleming, Marguerite; Allen, Susan; Worthington, Richard; Anderson, Charles; Hamlin, Adolph; Dawson, Ethel;
CreatorAtwood, Jesse Howell;
IdentifierJ. Howell Atwood Manuscript Collection (box 8)
CollectionStruggle and Progress-African Americans in Knox County, Illinois (Knox College)
Date Digital2010-04-23
Transcript[Written in margins at top of page]: Doctors & Nurses?

Mrs. Mollie Crew -- 128 S. West St.
Little Bee Lodge.
Organized 1886 -- Hall over
Bunker Shoe Store --
Older members:
Dohn Davis
Park Rhodes
James Waters
Ralph Richardson
John R. Allen
J.H. Washington
Henry Wells -- Mrs Crew's father.
John Washington
Washington Berry
Putnam Dickerson
N. Turpin
John Brittan
Joseph Sims --
John A. Logan
William Sims
[illegible characters crossed out] Chas. McGruder

G.U.O of Odd Fellows --

1900 -- Bot[?] building -- now
Galesburg Laundry & held
meetings over that
for no. of yrs.

J.W. Easley & Frank Wilkin
Joe Berry -- active in
late years --
-- A few yrs. after their start
they organized a woman's
branch of O.F.
389 -- Household of Ruth
This organized about 1885.

Both went out of existence
when Mr. & Mrs. Wells died.

Charter --
Mrs. Wells--
Mrs. Frances Wash.
Mrs. Esther McGruder
[Mrs.] Anna Berry
[Mrs.] Eliza Logan
[Mrs.] Ella Waters
[Mrs.] Mary Sims
[Mrs.] Mollie Crew
[Mrs.] Ada Davis
[Mrs.] Lida Turpin
[Mrs.] Maria Richardson

Little Bee -- 1920 -- Died out
Household of Ruth -- 1929 -- [Died out]

Mr. Wells was father of

lodge. He'd go [illegible characters crossed out] in & say,
"Now boys --"

Depression killed lodges.
4 deaths -- paid funeral bills.
Sick benefit -- weekly --
$50.00 toward each burial.

Surprise Lodge -- other
Odd Fellows --
John Brittan -- went out from
Little Bee & organized Surprise Lodge
W. Brooks [misspelling crossed out] -- 2 houses E. of
Harding St.

1st Negro doctors -- [written in top margins]: city directory -- time
Dr. Herron -- now
in Milwaukee.
He was here 40 yrs. ago.
2 -- Dr. Auter --
3 -- Dr. Cook -- Here 20 yrs. ago.
5. Dr. Wood -- Came 1925 to 1935
6. Dr. Bond -- Has been here
6 months.
7. Dr. Watkins -- Been here
17 or 18 yrs. Foot doctor.

1. Mrs. Nettie Jenkins --
grad. Providence Hospital in
Chi. -- / -- In Knoxville now
2. Mrs. Thomas Waters --
3. Mrs. Leona Woods --
grad. 4 yrs. ago from
Providence -- wife
of doctor.

Teachers at Waterman School --
[written in left margins]: There since it opened 'till summer before last
Mrs. Manse Hogue.
Mrs. Emma Green Early
-- 2nd yr. out there.

Building Contractor --
Walter F. Bell -- grad. of

Outstanding people:
Mr. & Mrs. G. G. Fletcher -- Under-takers
F. D. Solomon -- P. O.
Mrs. Marguerite Fleming -- Polit-
ical Leader; Civic worker

[written in top margins]: Wells -- Came in 1875 --

Susan Allen -- Foremost leader
in politics, civic life,
& everything.

Mrs. Crew -- Dressmaker
40 yrs. Shop downtown.

Mr. Wells -- Oldest barber in
city from pt. of service
1875 -- began barbering

Mr. Richard Worthington --
outstanding as far as
money was concerned --
Drove mail wagon for P.O.

Chas. Anderson -- Grocer --

Adolph Hamlin -- Knox Coach.
biggest prop. owner here.
Teacher in College in
W. Va.
Grad. from Knox.

Marguerite Fleming - 1412 Mulberry -- Date
of Allen chapel.
Her mother compiled

[written in top margins]: Name author of hist.

Mrs. Ethel Dawson --
528 -- 20th Ave.
Rock Is., Ill.
Hist. of Galesburg & Knox Co.
Organization of Allen Chapel --
Colored O. F. sent a
[characters "body" crossed out] man to Eng. from the East,
took degrees, & got Charter
for colored men in U.S.
This was #2511 chapter -- in this
district (Ill. & Wis.)

Object -- Look after OF widows,
orphans -- Benevolent --

John Brittan --
Surprise Lodge.

[Written sideways in margin]: Charter [characters "1st" crossed out] members
Chas. Mickens
John W. Brittan
Hirah Beckley
J. T. Hamlin
E. L. Fisher
Earl McGill
Frank Schutes
Ed. Mitchell
Holly Williams

Org. -- 1889
Young men --
This was young lodge --
Little Bee -- Old.

Take care of sick
Bury dead.

Out of exis. for 3 yrs.

Fraternal organization.

Mr. Brittan was 1st a
member of Little Bee. He
wanted to organize to give

young men a chance.

Held meetings over
Burglands & Burgland Grocery

Had degrees just like
Old Lodge
1-7 degrees
Grand Masters Council
Patriarch -- highest degree
Grand United Order of O.F.
Head quarters in Phila-
delphia. Got charter
from there.
Charter is at J.T. Hamlin's

Reg. dues -- $.50 a month.
$60. for burial for members
$3. for sick a wk.

To be outstanding as I
understand it you must
have money & take
part in civic things --
Susan Allen.

Can't put a finger on younger

Eastern Star --
Patron Chapter # 18. OES
Org. Sept. 12, 1893. by
Grand Worthy Ptron of
Eureka Grand Chap. of Ill.
with Mary Frances Washington --
Worthy Matron.
William Davis - Worthy Patron
12 members:
Mary Davis
John Henry Washington
Hattie [Washington]
Mary Mitchel.
Josey Mason
Annie Searles
[Annie] Richardson
James M. Searles
Evelyn Palmer
Lizzie Henderson Richardson
Martha McCook
Nancy Marshall

Worthy Matrons since 1893
Mary Davis
[Mary] Mitchell
Lizzie H. Richardson
Fannie Washington
Josey Mason

[Written in top margins]:
Married women are called
by given name instead of
husband's name.

Lucy L. Woodson
Maude Hawkins
Julia Brown
Ada Harper
Eva O. Solomon
Laura Beckley
Emma L. Kidd
Susan E. Allen
Mae Jackson
Ruth Fletcher
Blanche Easley
Georgie Fletcher
Cora King
Florence Fletcher
Martha Bell
Marguerite Fleming
Flora Schutes
Irene Harvey
Volera Duffey
Mary Rhybon
Florence Harris -- Present

J. H. Washington -- 6 yrs
as Grand Patron
J. M. Searles
Edw. Barber

John Finney
Rev. Stuart B. More
Will King
Elmer Richardson
George Fletcher -- Present
Caleb Watkins
Harold Allen
Walter Harris

-- Chap. has entertained Grand
Chap. a no. of times
in this city.
-- No of members have
held grand offices in

[illegible characters crossed out]

Allen Chapel Lot bot[?] in 1858.

[written in top margins]: Dr. Bond - 158 S. Prairie

Eastern Star -- Same ritual as
Masons -- See Eugene Fletcher
present members.
Physical Descriptionhandwritten on 8.5 x 5.25 (half) sheet
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