Knox College Struggle and Progress-African Americans in Knox County, Illinois (Knox College)
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Letter from Mrs. Leon Wood to J. Howell Atwood, 1936
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TitleLetter from Mrs. Leon Wood to J. Howell Atwood, 1936
DescriptionA 1936 letter from Mrs. Leon Wood, R.N., to Professor J. Howell Atwood. J. Howell Atwood was a sociology professor at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois during this period and his work centered on describing the culture and community of African Americans living in Galesburg. The letter refers to Atwood's attempt to interview and survey people living at the Tie Plant on the property of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Rail Road. The writer, on behalf of the residents of the Plant, gives Atwood permission to survey the residents and provides information on whom to contact. A list of residents and their signatures is included.
SubjectRailroad facilities
Named PersonAllen, Mrs. Henry; Allen, Ester; Edwards, Mary; Collins, Erma;
AuthorWood, Mrs. Leon;
Time Period1930s
Date Created (original)Feb. 23, 1936
IdentifierJ. Howell Atwood Manuscript Collection (box 9)
CollectionStruggle and Progress-African Americans in Knox County, Illinois (Knox College)
Date Digital2012-07-23
Transcript 158 S. Prairie Street,
Galesburg, Ill.,
Feb 23, 1936.

Dear Sir;
Twice every month since 1919,
I have done follow-up work at
the C. B. et & Q. Tie Plant. During my last
visit on the 19th inst. Mrs Henry Allen
was telling me how some one from
Knox College had tried to get permission[?]
to visit the homes there and was object-
ed to by the people there
When I told them my plan of having
you and our class make a survey of
the different homes they unanimously
agreed to sign this enclosed paper.
Some of them do not write plainly.
In order to help you know them
by name, starting from the
hard road going

toward Mr. Duncan's (the Supt.) office the
names are as followers (of course some of
the cars are vacent and in one car
there is a white man living alone.)
Total of about
75 persons
is listed

No. of homes No. of people in homes.
1 = Mrs. Mary Goodman - - - - Adults 3 - - Children 1
2 = Mrs. Blanche Glover - - - Adults 2 - - Children 0
3 = Mrs. Alishia Hollowell - Adults 2 - - Children 4 ?
4 = Mrs. Hamblin - - - - - - Adults 2 - - Children. 4 ? (not sure about these)
5 = Mrs. Emily Newton. - - - Adults 2 - - Children 1.
6 = Mrs. Loretta Hollowell - Adults 2 - - Children 0
7 = Mrs Alberta Owens - - - Adults 2 - - Children 1.
8 = Mrs Letha Williams - - Adults 2 - - Children 0
9 = Mrs. Mabel Haley - - - - Adults 2 - - Children 2 brothers
10 = Mr. Nathan Bailey - - Adults 1 Wife out of town.
11 = Mr. Walter Glover - - Adults 2 Children 2 boys in C.C.C. camp
* 12 = Mrs Erma Collins - - Adults 3.
13 = Mrs Addie Mae Kimbrough Adults 2 Children 3
14 = Mrs Hattie Froniabarger Adults 2 Children 5
15 = Mrs Etheleen Edwards - Adults 2 Children 0.
* 16 = Mrs Mary Edwards - - Adults 2.
17 = Mrs Malindia Calloway Adults 2
* 18 = Mrs Ester Allen - Adults 3. Children 1
19 = Mrs Rubie Williams - Adults 2
20 = Mrs Gussie Moore - - Adults 2 Children 1.
21 = Mrs David Harris Adults 2 Children 4
22 = Mrs James Cartwright - Adults 2 Children 1.

Mrs. Lavada Thorpe - - Children 2 Adults 2.

In Mrs Ester Allen's and Mrs Mary Edwards'
home you will find quite a bit of neat
quilting and embrodiery.
Mrs. Ester Allen and Mrs. Erma Collins
will assist you in any thing you
wish done such as getting every one
the message when you are ex-
pecting to go out there. You may notify
them through Mr. Duncan's office. And too
Mrs Erma Collins has a daughter
about 18 years old who has finished high
school, though was financially unable to
send her to college. She wants to
go to college even if she has to work
her way through. I am very much
interested in her, and wish when
you make this survey you will
be able to give her some suggestion
as to what to do.
Prof. I have found that in order

to get my people to believe in what
ever I undertake I must help them
to solve their problems. My people
are very anxious to learn.
Socially we are not interested
at all in any race but the Negro.
In business or education we think
the leaders of each race should work
together for the betterment of each race
separately. Thanks for what-ever
you do for the betterment of my race.

Yours Truly,
Mrs. Leon Wood, R.N.

[p. 5]
Feb 19, 1936.
Negro 48
Race Relations
Sociological Surveys
F [illegible]
Savada Thope
Mrs. James Cartwright
Mrs Davis Harris
Mrs A E Fromiabarger[?]
Mrs Alishia Hallowell.
Mrs Malindria Calloway
Mrs Letha Williams
Mrs Addie Mae Kimbrough.
Mrs Erma Collins.
Mrs. Mabel Haley
Walter Glover
Mrs Loretta Hallowell
Mrs Etheleen Edwards
Mrs Mary Edwards
Mrs Esther Allen
MRs. Gussie Moore
Mrs Alberta Owens
Mrs Rubie Williams
Nathan Bailey

[p. 5 back]
Copied 7/2002 CRA

All the following names on opposite side
are willing for Prof. H. Atwood to visit their
homes on some day when it is convenient,
provided he give them a 6 day notice.
Physical Description8.5 x 11 in. handwritten sheets
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