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Sheean Library Time Capsule Contents
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TitleSheean Library Time Capsule Contents
Contents and Comments:
Revealed after opening the Sheean Library Time
Capsule, October 22, 2011
The items listed below were sealed in a copper box and placed within the cornerstone of the
"new" library, later named Sheean Library, during Homecoming in 1967. The cornerstone and
time capsule were removed prior to the building's demolition in July 2011 and the time capsule
was opened during Homecoming on Saturday, October 22, 2011 at 10 am.
The cornerstone has been returned to Physical Plant for disposition. We hope to reuse the
copper box when The Ames Library's 10th Anniversary Time Capsule is placed but if it is not
usable it will be turned back over to physical Plant for disposition.
Winners of the "guess the contents" contest the library ran the month before the opening were:
Jonathan Fine ("a message to future students"), Dan Maurer ("an Argus newspaper"), Grace
Davenport ("money"), and Noelle Bruce ("a newspaper").
Cornerstone Laying Program, a program for the laying of the cornerstone and the time capsule in
Sheean Library on October 14, 1967. The program includes a list of the contents of the cornerstone
as well as the "Message to Future Generations."
[Remainder of this list is grouped in the series they are described in for the "Contents of the
Cornerstone" document with parts of the descriptions used in that document]
1. "To reflect the procedures of the library we include":
A Student's Guide to Illinois Wesleyan Libraries; Periodical Holdings of the Illinois Wesleyan
Libraries (1966). The Library staff of the time composed a series of essays discussing the
processes of ordering, cataloging, and circulating books and periodicals in 1967.
Periodical Holdings of the Illinois Wesleyan University Libraries: a title list including all holdings
to the end of the year (1966), lists all of the periodicals on file at the university.
Come out of the Dark: Learn about Library Careers, a pamphlet that explains library science as a
Toward the Library of the 21st Century: A Report for the Council on Library Resources, March
The Process of Ordering Books in 1967, two information sheets from Buck Library explaining the
process of ordering books at IWU.
Procedures in the Cataloging Department, two information sheets from Buck Library explaining
how to catalogue items in the library.
Processes of the Periodicals Department, an information sheet from Buck Library explaining how
periodicals are ordered.
The Illinois Wesleyan University Library Newsletter, Volume 2, Number 3, May, 1966; includes
articles regarding the use of periodicals as well as tables and graphs showing the circulation of
books at IWU.
Illinois Wesleyan University Library, Recent Additions Volume 15, Number 1, September, 1967;
new additions to the library are grouped by subject area.
Illinois Wesleyan University Bulletin, 1967, presents a picture of the University's life and times
(changes within the buildings and departments, introduction of new faculty, and the
Homecoming schedule for 1967).
2. "A copy of the Catalog Issue"
Illinois Wesleyan University Bulletin, 1967‐1968, still sealed in its plastic wrapper.
Institutional Profile of Illinois Wesleyan University (1966‐1967); consists of an in‐depth view of
the university and was prepared for the periodic membership review of the North Central
Association of colleges and Secondary Schools.
Copy of the IWU Homecoming Schedule (1967).
3. "It has not been easy to show the scope and extent of the library's collection in a few
representative titles, but the committee submits what follows as an attempt in that direction."
Lie Down in Darkness (c1951), a novel by William Styron.
Cities (1965), a collection of think‐pieces on urbanology compiled by the Scientific American.
The Responsible Businessman (1966), edited by John A. Larson, "a series of articles on the
businessman's encounter with the problems of our time, from Fortune."
Knowledge and Wonder: The Natural World as Man Know It (1966), by victor Weisskopf; "the
work draws the reader's mind beyond the fuzzy boundaries of recent discovery to the uncertain
but interesting science of (what is to us) the future."
The Persecution and Assassination of Jean‐Paul Marat…Marquis de Sade (1965), a play by Peter
Weiss, "to be presented by the School of Drama in March, 1968, justaposes[sic] the sickness of
normal men upon the sanity of the insane." [Tucked inside was McPherson Theatre IWU School
of Drama program listing the performances for the 1967‐68 season.]
The Responsive Eye (1965), "by William C. Seitz, describes a widely‐seen exhibition of op‐art in
which illusions are carried out in a variety of media used by artists."
Radical Theology and the Death of God (1966), "by [Thomas J.] Altizer and [William] Hamilton,
reflects the collision as religion meets the present world." [Included with the book is an
envelope that contains the cards used for cataloging and accessing the book through the card
4. "We are proud to include in our collection work created on this campus."
The Theory and Practice of Nursing Service Administration (1965), by Mary D. Shanks and
Dorothy A. Kennedy. This work was "produced by two members of this faculty in 1965 and
acknowledges the challenge made to the healing professions by the tremendous expansion in
healing knowledge and care needs by science and politics." [Included in the book are: a copy of
the program from the dedication of Stevenson Hall (1965); a newspaper clipping from the
Pantagraph (February 1961) entitled "IWU Establishes Chair of Nursing"; a ‘Season's Greetings'
card from the IWU School of Nursing, 1966; a small article entitled "Illinois Wesleyan Sets Up
Chair of Nursing" cut from the American Journal of Nursing, April 1961; article entitled
"Dedication Is a First" cut from the American Journal of Nursing, December 1965; and an article
entitled "Journal Club replaced by ATD" cut from The Argus, November 19, 1965.]
"A two‐track stereo recording (at 3 ¾ ips speed) presents the Illinois Wesleyan University
concert band, choir, orchestra, chanber[sic] singers, and soloists in presentations of a variety of
works from the classical to the ultra‐modern. Some works were composed by the faculty." [Two
sheets of paper listing the recorded performances are also included.]
5. "To further amplify on musical education at Wesleyan, copies of certain programs have been
Illinois Wesleyan University College of Fine Arts School of Music brochure describing the
programs within the School of Music.
Program for the School of Music's Faculty Concert Series (1966‐1967), lists which faculty will be
performing and when.
6. "An etching, Self‐Portrait, by [Fred] Brian (1967), is included as an example of the meaningful
creativity fostered in the School of Art."
IWU Fine Arts Festival, March 10‐18, 1967; includes a schedule of events for the festival.
"All of these works symbolize our hope that this library may become the center for the production
and display of the scholarly and the esthetic."
7. [Additional items that were not noted in the original contents list:]
Copy of The Argus, Volume 74, Number 5, Friday, October 13, 1967
Envelope containing three 5 cent stamps and $1.16 in change. The 5 cent stamps from 1967 are
entitled ‘Accomplishments in Space' and depict an astronaut linked to a Gemini capsule. This
issue was the first two‐stamp single design ever released by the United States. The following
change was also included in the envelope: one 1967 penny, one 1967 dime, one 1964 nickel,
two 1966 quarters, and one 1967 silver half dollar. The half dollar is partially oxidized (on the
head side of the coin) and has a pattern from the stamps that lay on it.
8. A thin rubber band held the program for the cornerstone laying ceremony together (folded in
thirds) and was still intact and supple, with no marring of the paper, upon opening of the time
capsule. A paper clip held the Fred Brian sketch sandwiched between two acid free sheets of
paper. The rubber band and paper clip have not been retained for posterity.
During the ceremony for the opening of the time capsule, alumni and current students were
invited to leave comments about their memories of Sheean Library.
1. "Stealing and returning a few hundred books to make a point about library security." Geo
(George) Vinyard, class of 1971.
2. "Checking out the inside…two years ago!" Catherine, class of 2010.
3. "Writing on the windows with window markers for Gateway! (2008)" Brianna Kratz, class of
4. "Held my senior art show in the library "Experiencing Film", I was the first student using this
media." "Also using the Xerox copy machine, a new invention on earth we used it
creatively with art Professor Ed McCullough." Judith Schulz, class of 1971.
5. "Checking book bags and maybe once in a while catching a little shut‐eye!" Dyann Hermes
Dailey, class of 1986.
6. "The ‘hidden door' that led to the slide library down stairs where I spent hours culling
images before I got my own!" Nancy Sultan, current IWU Professor of Greek and Roman
7. "Checking out the first and second floor areas to see who's there! This was before studying."
Becky Mace Guio, class of 1987.
8. "Lounging in the pit." Carl, class of 1980.
9. "I helped move the books from Buck Library into Sheean in the summer of 1968. We carried
all of the books by hand. We took the books off the shelves in Buck and stayed in line to put
the books on the shelves in Sheean." Suzanne Unger Thompson, class of 1968.
10. "Studying until am hours in the pit." Steve Burrichter, class of 1970.
11. "Chinese History class Chairman Mao's Physical Fitness Routine on the stairs (May term
2010)." Katelyn Sill, class of 2012.
12. "Alpha Omicron Pi study tables, ‘R & R' in ‘the pit' and reading Christian Science Monitor in
the a.m. to keep up as a Political Science major." [full name not provided] Williams, class of
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PublisherThe Ames Library, Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington Illinois, 61701
Record Group6 - 6/4/3 : Sheean Library Cornerstone
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