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Special Collections Research Center (SCRC) General Photographic Collection

The SCRC of Morris Library has significant photographic collections that enhance and support each of its collection areas. These photographs are historically descriptive and documentary in nature. More than 100,000 images (1850 to present) document American, British and Irish theatre, American philosophy, Irish Literary Renaissance, Illinois politics, Illinois history, as well as Southern Illinois University Carbondale. [Click "Browse collection" above to browse the entire SCRC General Collection]

The Manuscript photographs include images from many collections, including James Joyce, Caresse Crosby, Elsie Ripley Clapp, and the Open Court Publishing Company of LaSalle, IL. In addition, there are images that provide a visual record of southern Illinois people, places, and events. Photographs from the papers of Paul Simon, Ken Gray, Clarence Harmon and Glen Poschard are available in the political papers collection. Southern Illinois University Carbondale photographs (1869 to present) include images from the Office of Public Information, from university publications, and of and by faculty and students. This includes Katherine Dunham, Doc Horrell and John Willis Allen.

The SCRC General Photograph collection preserves the work of amateur and professional photographers alike, including the collections listed below. For more information about other photograph collections, please visit

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Caresse Crosby

Caresse Crosby Caresse Crosby was born Mary "Polly" Phelps Jacob on April 20, 1891 in New Rochelle, New York. She worked as a publisher, poet, and inventor.While she spent most of her career engaged in the literary arts, Caresse Crosby helped change fashion and free women from confining corsets by getting the first patent for the modern brassiere-or as we call it now the bra.


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James Joyce (Dr. Harley K. Croessmann Collection)

James Joyce James Augustine Aloysius Joyce was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1882. His early work includes the short stories, Dubliners (1914), and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1916). His best-known book, Ulysses, based on one day in Dublin (16 Jun 1904), was published in Paris by Silvia Beach in 1922, but was banned in the USA until 1934. The Dr. Harley K. Croessman Collection of James Joyce includes photographs of James Joyce and his family and friends, various renditions of Joyce, and photographs and drawings of buildings and monuments related to Joyce.


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Katherine Dunham

Katherine Dunham Katherine Dunham was an anthropologist, dancer, choreographer, songwriter, author, educator and activist. She has been called the Matriarch and Queen Mother of Black Dance, and had one of the most successful dance careers in American and European theater of the 20th century. For more than 30 years she maintained the Katherine Dunham Dance Company, the only permanent, self-subsidized African-American dance troupe at that time, and over her career she choreographed more than 90 individual dances.


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Jeanne Hurley Simon

Jeanne Hurley Simon The photographs from the papers of Jeanne Hurley Simon-Illinois lawyer, politician, public servant, and wife of U.S. Senator Paul Simon-document mainly her professional life from the time she was a young lawyer and candidate for state representative through her service as chair of the U.S. National Commission of Libraries and Information Science. Included are photographs from the political campaigns of Paul Simon.


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Senator Paul Simon

Paul Simon Paul Simon was a politician from Illinois who served in the Illinois General Assembly, as Lieutenant Governor of Illinois, and in the U. S. Congress. The bulk of the photographs in the Paul Simon Papers represent his career in the U. S. Senate from 1985 to 1997, with a smaller but significant number documenting his time in the U. S. House of Representatives, 1975-1985. The subjects include committee hearings, press conferences, staff members, VIPs, constituents, town meetings, and foreign travel. A large number of photographs come from Simon's political campaigns, particularly the 1984 and 1990 senate campaigns and his 1988 campaign for the Democratic nomination for president. A few photos come from his days as Lt. Governor, 1969-1973, and his 1972 campaign for governor of Illinois. There are also photographs of Simon's family, his wife, Jeanne Hurley Simon, and his children, Sheila and Martin, including photos for the family's annual Christmas card.


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John W. Allen

creek below Burden Falls Photographs and slides of noted Southern Illinois historian, John W. Allen, originally arranged by county. They document rural life, slavery, immigration, coal mining, parks and recreation, maps, government, churches, schools, and towns. John Willis Allen, teacher and historian, was born in 1887 near the village of Broughton, Hamilton County, Illinois. For sixteen years he was Historical Director of the University Museum at Southern Illinois University and spent fifty years researching, lecturing, and writing on local history, folklore, and pioneer crafts and culture.


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Ned Trovillion Photographic Collection

This collection consists mainly of scenic photographs from Southern Illinois, but also contains photographs of Trovillion's friends and family, farming and conservation photos, and various sites throughout the world.

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The Doc Horrell Photo Collection

The SCRC in Morris Library holds the entire collection of photographs made by Southern Illinois photographer C. William "Doc" Horrell documenting the region's coal mines and those who worked in them.

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Mordecai Gorelik Collection

This collection of over 800 scene designs, costume renderings and illustrations by Broadway designer Mordecai Gorelik, was made possible by through a grant from the United States Institute for Theatre Technology.

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