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H. H. Carter

H. H. (Harden Hasten) Carter was born April 6, 1875 in Franklin, Indiana. His father, James, was a physician; he had a younger sister Nancy, and his mother, Pheoba, died in 1882 when he was only 7. Not much is known about his early life, but by 1900 Carter was already on his own in Charleston, Illinois, and had passed his Indiana Boards to become a pharmacist. It was sometime between then and 1903 that he moved to Lockport and worked as an associate druggist for the C. H. Bacon pharmacy. Carter married Martha Mitchell in 1903, but she died from complications due to childbirth in 1906 when their son Owen was born. Sometime in 1904 Carter established his own drugstore in Lockport. By 1910, he was living with his sister- and brother-in-law, Julia and Renwick Stephenson, in Lockport. By 1914 he had moved to Seymour, Indiana, where his father lived, and started a drugstore there. Sometime in 1918, he gave up the drugstore and established a photo finishing business. He married Jeanette Miller in 1923, and they continued to live in Seymour until his death March 19, 1936.

About the collection

This collection consists of two types of materials: postcards and photographs. The postcards of Lockport were all produced in 1907 and copyrighted by H. H. Carter. We are not sure if he actually took each of the photos in the postcards, or if he only manufactured the postcards and obtained the photos from someone else. The photographs, though, are his own. These photos were probably taken between 1910 and 1916, based on H. H. Carter's time in Lockport, the fact that he came back to visit often, and the clothing and structures in the photos. H. H. Carter was one of the first local photographers to use street photography, where people are captured going about their daily lives, rather than sitting in a formal pose. These photos give us a valuable sense of what life was like in the early 1900s. Much of the information in the description of each photo comes from the booklet Hail and Farewell 1935-1980, produced by the Civic and Commerce Association of Lockport. Information regarding H. H. Carter's life came from contemporary newspapers and government agencies.

Pershing and Trudy Ogren, whose family dates back to the early 1900s in Lockport, donated the glass negatives of these photos to Lewis University in 2005. The postcards were donated by various individuals. The photos and postcards, as well as more biographical information on H. H. Carter, can be found at the Howard and Lois Adelmann Regional History Collection at the Lewis University Library.

Request for information on H. H. Carter and his photos

The Howard and Lois Adelmann Regional History Collection would love to see additional photos of H. H. Carter's, and also to identify more about the people and places depicted in each photograph. If you recognize any unidentified people or places, or if you have more photos, please share your knowledge with us at (815)836-5579 or (815)836-5665.

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